Strong Beautiful White Crowns

Now Available On The NHS

We believe that everyone deserves a great smile – that’s why we offer a natural-looking option for all patients, including those seeking dental care on the NHS!

Traditionally, more natural-looking options have not been available to NHS patients due to costs, but our Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia is available to all – giving you the chance to benefit from a beautiful smile whenever you need a dental crown.

Metal-free White crowns

What is zirconia?

Zirconia is a naturally white, ceramic dental material that is nearly as strong as metal. Often referred to as “glass steel”, zirconia contains the same basic elements as diamonds and is resistant to wear over time. This means that zirconia crowns are a natural-looking, long-lasting option that feels just like your natural teeth!

Furthermore, as zirconia can be made very thin, it means that less of your natural tooth needs to be removed for crown placement. All dental crowns require some removal of the natural tooth in order to place the cap, but this minimally invasive approach is a more ethical way to restore your teeth and means that these crowns can effectively protect more of your natural dentition.

main Features

Here’s why you should ask your dentist for a Monolith Zirconia Full Contour white crown instead of the standard crowns commonly used for NHS patients.

Launched For NHS Patients

After many years of research and testing we have now made it possible for Zirconia to be available on the NHS.

Metal-Free Crowns

Monolith Zirconia white crowns are completely metal-free making them suitable for metal allergy sufferers.

Super Strong Zirconia

Zirconia is made up of a similar compound as cubic zirconia which is an alternative to diamonds used in jewellery.

Tried & Tested Durability

Zirconia crowns have been tried and tested and are the preferred choice amongs dentists and patients alike.

Naturally Beautiful

No more ugly black lines as zirconia crowns are fully contoured and glazed to match your surrounding teeth.

Find Your Nearest Dentist

You can simply ask your existing dentist for Monolith Zirconia Crowns or you can find your nearest Monolith dentist below.

nhs crowns – comparison

The three main crowns available on the NHS, their advantages and disadvantages.

PFM (Porcelain Fused To Metal)

PFM’s have been the primary choice for patients on the NHS. A metal sub-structure is used as the base, with porcelain layered  on top to create more natural looking teeth. The disadvantage is the metal at the base can show through giving that ‘ugly black line effect’ near the gums. Patients with metal allergies can now opt for Monolith metal-free white crowns. 

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Full Metal

Metal crowns have been used throughout history with gold being the main choice of metal. The price however doesn’t allow for gold crowns on the NHS and instead Nickel-Chrome or Cobalt-Chrome are used. Metal crowns are typically used for molars (back teeth) and for patients with a heavy bite. These aren’t suitable for metal allergy sufferers, usually leaving no other option than expensive private treatment.

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Monolith Zirconia Full Contour

Monolith Zirconia is an all white, metal-free crown with superior strength and blends with your natural tooth colour. Full Contour means the tooth is constructed from a single block of zirconia using CAD/CAM (3D milling machines). A great alternative for metal allergy sufferers and for those wanting natural looking teeth.

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Who developed monolith

CosTech Dental Laboratory

CosTech® was established in 1977, then servicing only a handful of dentists with a small dedicated team of technicians. From these grass roots we have steadily grown providing a full service to dental practices across the UK.   CosTech® has been DAMAS accredited since 2011 and we are audited once a year to ensure our work is produced to consistently high standards, keeping the patients welfare in mind.

With so many restorations and technologies available on the market today, we pride ourselves in bringing new innovations to dentists and their patients. We are proud to be pioneers in producing high quality, affordable zirconia white crowns for NHS patients in the UK.

Find Your Nearest dentist offering monolith

Monolith is available through all dentists offering NHS treatment so you should ask your current dentist about this option, or simply enter your postcode for a list of Monolith dentists near you. 

Here are your nearest Monolith dentists:

Check with your dentist if monolith is right for you

Monolith zirconia is a perfect alternative to other crowns available on the NHS, however, it may not be suitable in all cases. Ask your dentist if Monolith is suitable for you.

Download This Guide

In case your dentist is not familiar with Monolith Zirconia Full Contour white crowns, download this quick guide and show it to them. They can then decide if it is suitable for you.

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